Global Innovation Index (GII) said that Pakistan is still among the least innovative countries in a report generated by a survey in 2017.

The report told that out of 127 countries Pakistan ranked 113 published by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Last year Pakistan ranked 119. For the 7th time in a row, Switzerland kept its top position.

Pakistan stayed least innovative among the countries in the world, the report says. Pakistan has improved its overall score to 23.8 this year from the 22.63 in 2015.

The survey done by Global Innovation Index (GII) is an annual report that measures the capabilities of innovation of country and compiles because of world economy report. They use 81 indicators of the different range of themes that include innovation efficiency ratio, regulatory environment, innovation output sub-index, political environment, business environment, research, infrastructure, institutions, market and business sophistication, and a commitment to knowledge and creativity.

Pakistan has successfully managed to ahead of Bangladesh that is 114 on the rank that writes down Pakistan’s improvement and proves it to be no longer least innovative.

The India stands out to spot its superiority in the region by moving to 60th spot from the 66th of the last year spot.