ISLAMABAD: Telenor Pakistan has partnered with Engro Corporation to automate, and digitize

milk collection network across the country with the help of advanced technology-based


An agreement was signed between Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan, and Khalid Siraj

Subhani, President andamp; CEO Engro Corporation to formally initiate the process. The mega project

is set to facilitate about 135,000 farmers through 1,600 Engro milk collection centers.

The project envisages secure payment and data collection procedures, by digitizing the

traditionally existing methods. For the said purposes, a central server will be hosted by Telenor

which will collect data from Engro milk collection centers across the country where special

software platform will be set up by Telenor. The data transmission will occur through Telenor


Irfan Wahab Khan, on the occasion, said, “This partnership is yet another step in fulfilling our

vision of empowering Pakistan and a testament to our commitment of bringing the benefits of

technology to the grassroots. Dairy being a sprawling business in Pakistan needs advancement so

that some unnecessary hardship could be removed from the farmers lives. As a result of this

partnership, dairy farmers could focus more on their harvest.”

Khalid Siraj Subhani while commenting on the development said, “This partnership is of

paramount importance for Pakistans dairy industry and showcases our commitment to

developing the local industry by introducing technological platforms to the rural communities of

Pakistan. He further said that the project will result in further development of the dairy

innovation ecosystem in the country.

The project will act as a base for further technology-based innovations. In future, Engro plans to

provide useful information including real-time weather updates through the project. It also plans

to establish a comprehensive cattle fodder and health management system.

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