LAHORE: Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) has agreed to extend cooperation with the

leading tractors and agriculture equipment manufacturers Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited (AGTL) to

look into the possibilities of improving farmers economy and increasing their yield.

This was agreed during a meeting between ZTBL CEO Talat Mahmood and Chairman of Al-

Ghazi Tractors andamp; President Al-Futtaim Automobile Division Dubai Len Hunt.

A committee comprising members of ZTBL and AGTL will be formed to develop a mechanism

to improve the farmers economy and crops yield. In addition, the committee would devise a

formula for more cooperation between the two organizations.

The two parties further agreed on the need for introduction of brand new combine harvesters

replacing the second-hand market, and facilitating farmers in acquiring new harvesters. AGTL

sought ZTBLs support in launching and financing of the new harvesters, while assuring the

delegation that it would revert with the newly developed attractively priced harvesters.

It was suggested by AGTL that the loan markup be made more attractive for farmers by diverting

the Green Tractors money toward reduced mark up. The ZTBL delegation said the institution

would also look into the possibility of bulk financing to facilitate service providers for buying

and renting out the agriculture equipment such as these harvesters. AGTL CEO told the meeting

that the organization has heavily invested in parameters that have directly contributed in the

improvement of quality of its products and invited the ZTBL delegation to visit its

manufacturing facilities.

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