STAFF REPORT ISB: Every discovery creates new questions and to find the answer to these questions, we need consistent research, said Dr. Nargis Mavalvala while interacting with Pakistani scientists community through video link at a lecture arranged recently.

At present, the discovery of gravitational waves, predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916, is the most famous scientific achievement prevailing around us. The most important aspect in this discovery is the involvement of a Pakistani scientist Dr. Nergis Mavalvala, Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Physics, USA.

She is one of the key researchers who detected gravitational waves.

She was invited to interact at a popular science lectures titled “Detecting Gravitational Waves; Now we can hear the Universe” by Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan, Coordinator General, COMSTECH.

The event was organised by the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) on its premises under its popular science lecture series.

The lectures are aimed to popularise the new discovery in the field of Astrophysics.

Dr. Nargis briefed the audience about the discovery and her role in the team who worked for this milestone discovery.

A team of 1078 researchers participated in a project that discovered the waves and she was one of them, including another Pakistani from Mardan. In a brief interaction, she also discussed technical aspects of the discovery and answered queries of the scientists.

PSF Chairman Dr Ashraf invited her to visit Pakistan to share the ideas and achievements with the Pakistani scientific community and students.

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