OneLoad launches mobile top-up offer for users

STAFF REPORT ISB: OneLoad, a Systems Limited company, has introduced one single platform – a mobile app as well as a web portal – through which retailers will be able to top-up any mobile number of any mobile phone operator, i.e. a single device and a single universal balance to top-up mobile phone customers of any operator.

So instead of keeping Rs. 5,000 balance in all five mobile phones separately with a constant fear of running out of balance for one operator while still having tons of balance for two operators, retailers will have an option of keeping, say 20,000 universal mobile-balance in one account with which they can top-up any number of any mobile operator.

Additionally, retailers can also use this same OneLoad universal balance to issue scratch cards to consumers.

In addition to retailers, consumers can also have (a retailer like) account with which they can load mobile balance into any number of any mobile company. Mobile top-up is just one small thing that OneLoad does. Additionally, with your OneLoad universal balance, you can pay all sorts of utility bills, buy internet vouchers (for services like NetFlix, Facebook ads, Glit, Play Store, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Steam), and transfer load to other OneLoad accounts.

Muhammad Yar Hiraj, CEO of OneLoad, told the media that his company is actively looking at remittances services as well and they may offer funds transfer services very soon.

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