STAFF REPORT ISB: The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is presently in discussions with the government of Pakistan about ways in which Japanese overseas development aid might be best put to use to assist this sector – of critical importance to the overall Pakistani economy.

JICA works closely with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), which has sent a request for assistance, according to Daisuke Fukumori, Deputy Director of JICAs South Asia Division.

“Details of the final package will be designed to meet the needs of the Pakistani government, and the agreement should be completed within this year,” he said.

Fukumori was unable to disclose details of the agreement, but it is likely to include the provision of equipment and hardware, the dispatch of experts and financial assistance.

In 2015, JICA supported a delegation of Japanese business people to Expo Pakistan, the countrys largest trade fair, and arranged a delegation of executives from Pakistans leading textile companies to Thailand, where they visited three Japanese textile factories to experience quality control in the production process.

“Pakistan is traditionally a cotton-producing country, and has done well in recent years to integrate production and improve both upstream and downstream operations,” Hideaki Shimizu said. JICA is also committed to investing in broader infrastructure projects – such as ensuring a stable supply of power – that will assist the textile sector.

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