Noise pollution, after hearing this first thing comes in your mind….”Aaah NOT again! all those same cause and its effects and all”…am I right ?? So here is a recent news. Noise pollution is updated with its new generation, as noise pollution that is considered to be caused by automobiles, industries etc. In short “old ways” now back in action with its latest version in Pakistan ……here presents “generators”. People think of generators as an effective power alternative but its environmental hazards are very high, more than that we can imagine. More often, noise pollution increasing day by day due to deficit of electricity in Pakistan.

“Thats one thing I hate! All the noise, noise, noise, noise!

People in and near cities are exposed to loud noise much of the time. Noise comes from transport, construction projects, industries and household appliances particularly Electrical Generator has spoiled neural processes. The silence of the atmosphere has disturbed due to its excessive use. It has put residents ill at ease. Co-poisoning was associated with a Generator. So, this alternative temporary facility has deprived the soul of modern man of the magic of Divine Melody

“Nature never did betray

For she can so inform

The mind that is within us, so impress,

With lofty thoughts.”

This irritant has negative impacts on human health by causing unnecessary mental tension and fatigue. The emission of hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen by generator adds to air pollution and the noise enhancing the noise pollution.

So, there is a dire need to bring down the noise level, coming from different sources. Generators cannot be declared illegal and destroyed, but certain preventive measures should be taken to stamp down the environmental damage. First of all, we must keep the noise level in residential areas which is 55 db during the day and 45 db during the night. There must be public awareness at the grass root level about the laws regulating the use of generators.

Obviously, the more generators in operation at one time, the louder the noise level. Sound barriers (of sufficient height and material) can make a substantial difference in the noise exposure levels from generators. Rarely do I see a generator encased in a canopy, they are usually placed on the roof or at a distance from the main building to avoid the noise. To cut noise pollution, generators must also be covered by a canopy; moreover tree plantation is a good idea to minimize its effects. A civic sense and responsible attitude is required to lessen the noise pollution. It is rightly said:

“Keep the noise down or the noise will keep you down”

In this concern, I would advise that we must abide by the laws to enjoy the solace and peace of mind. Without resolute steps in the right direction, the future of mankind will be jeopardized. By making the noise pollution control programme, our county would be a quieter and peaceful place to live in.

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