I am the witness of experiencing all the impacts on me from this world. I really experienced what is wrong and what is right for the humans! I found many mountainous peoples neck down on the earth and a beggar eyes always up high to the sky. I have always noticed the things and its importance on humans! I have found that people are going away from the education. They have lost their identity as human beings. They entered into the modernization but lost the values and norms! They entered into the land of Mars but our earthly people are still hungry.


They manufactured very complex machines but could not understand human mind. They have found very minute Microorganism but giant terrorists are disappeared! They can destroy any building with weapons but cannot destroy a single stone of terrorism. They are in the search of Water on other planets but our earth is still polluted!


They are expending huge amount of money on many other planets to explore the water reservoirs but our earthly people are dying due to shortage of water. They used too much heavy weapons on the factors of their creations! People are coming to this world like a weakest entity! They spend their lives as if they are the masters of the land. And disappear from this world in to the form of dead shit! So the journey of life is started from the weakest entity to the dead shit! And we are having proud on such type of beginning and end! Lets understand why we are on this small globe as compared to the giant universe! We are unconfirmed about neither at the centre nor at the corner of the universe but yet we are blessed with many countless things!


The universe complexity appeals itself to be noticed on and all the things from atom to the universe cry themselves to make them understand! The best thing on this earth is the relation among humanity which is least noticed and understood. Our mind is equipped with enormous creativity! Human nature has clear cut affinity with the Nature. Humanity is widely misunderstood and the development has been proved to be detrimental in the human relations.


The creativity is closely related to the divinity but neither the creativity nor the divinity has been pondered on. So to understand the treasure residing inside our mind can be revelled by exploring the universe! And to exploring universe is approaching the phenomenon of Nature. All human beings are the drop of water inside the ocean! The best humanity among the people is those that reject racism. Racism is the biggest factor that violates and spoils the society. The best thing for whole humanity is to understand the society.


To understand the society, we need to understand the family. For family; the most important thing is to live in calm and peaceful environment. All humans are relatives to each other and we all are the part of one family whose mother is the glorious earth.


By Web Team

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