STAFF REPORT KHI:Pakistanshouldraiseits forest cover from five per cent to 25 per cent in order to meet its economic, employment and green environmentneedsas forest is the source of economic support, employment, oxygen generation, livestock grazing, furniture products, boats, household oven fire, hotel fuel in cities and town, sports goods, and construction industry.

This has been revealed in a research report of final year students of Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology MBA department.

The research was conducted by three students – Syeda Bushra Hasan, Mehwish Saqib, and Dinsha Vania.

Briefing on the research, Bushra said that trees play vital role in economic support and green environment; hence, there isneedto conduct mass tree plantation in villages, towns and cities.

“There is alsoneedto make tree plantation at new avenues like road sides, highways, streets, houses and gardens. Environment Trees also absorb oxygen and provide clean oxygen for survival of human beings and animals,” she noted in the research.

Mehwish said that the government needed to make mass tree plantation in Karachi like Lahore, while all towns and other cities also require mass tree plantation for reducing air pollution and providing clean air to citizens for their good health.

Dinsha Vania told PPI thatPakistanneedsmass tree plantation at plain, hilly and other empty areas with the support of private organisations and government. Funds should be sought from corporate sector because government funds are not enough, he noted.

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