There are two types of strange creatures found on this simple earth whose characteristics are very similar in some or many ways. Parasites are the micro creatures that are always dependent upon other living things for their survival. Politicians are also being dependent upon other people for their survival. Host of parasite always look after to it for its survival but in return, parasite always attacks and utilizes all available resources which are belonging to host originally. Politicians are always selected by the people whom they are dependent of but in return, they utilize and own all types of resources which are the sole property of the people. Parasites need a medium to get an entry into the body of host so that it may reside and destroy hosts by only favoring to itself. These mediums are for e.g. misquotes which are living in the polluted water. Politicians also need a medium to get an entry to occupy to rights of people so that they may live a luxurious life by snatching the happiness of the people. These mediums are for e.g. terrorists which are living in the polluted society.

It is the common nature of the host which is always proven to be weak and thus it is easy for the parasite to get an entry first and then try its level best to decrease the immunity. Despite the weaknesses and fatal health experienced, host is not willing to do preventive measures to stop the parasitic attack and lead his life until death will knock his door. Same is the case with politician and people. It is a common nature of the people who always declared himself weak and thus it is easy for the politician to attack on the rights of people first and then to minimize the power of freedom of expression treacherously. Despite the huge tension equipped life, people are not willing to change their fate by carefully selecting the politician.

If host is powerful and he knows how to make our immune strong then there is no chance for the parasites to attack and not only this, parasitic behaviour will be changed into symbiotic relationship and thus neither the host nor that parasite is harmed and both will mutually benefit to each other. Same condition is for politician and people too. If people are powerful enough to understand what are their rights and how to own them wisely then there is an obvious chance for the people and politician to live in a friendly environment and every types of rights are being shifted and handed over to people at their door step.

Like heavy dosage of antibiotic medicine may kill many of our own living cells and may weaken our body which is always not prescribed. Excess of politicians may violate various rights of common people and may induce pessimistic thoughts in the society which is always not suggested.

Literally speaking, Politicians are types of human beings that possess the parasitic characters thus are in the continuous charge to suck the blood of their people whom they benefits. Comprehensive Research on One Parasite and One Politician in One Laboratory can shock the world.

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