STAFF REPORT ISB: The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy, and the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology have jointly organized the two-week Asian Regional School on “FPGA Design for Scientific Applications” in MUET, Jamshoro.

In his welcome address, Prof. Dr MA Uqaili, Vice Chancellor MUET, informed that purpose of this event is to conduct a hands-on training activity that will provide an opportunity for engineers, physicists, and computer scientists in the regional countries and especially Pakistan to access new technologies.

Dr Maria Liz Crespo, one of the Directors of the program, told that ICTP was established in 1964 and has been organizing various technical trainings at Trieste, Italy, and in regional countries.

Dr. Adrew Cicutin, from Multi-disciplinary Laboratory ICTP Trieste, Italy, highlighted the importance of Changing Paradigm of Digital Electronics Design.

Prof. Dr BS Chowdhry, Dean FEECE, in his presentation MUET Goes Global showed that nowadays FPGAs are key players in the smart systems. However, high demand of the expertise in Reconfigurable Devices at national and international market, availability of skilled human resource is a core factor.

Prof. Dr. AQK Rajput, Chairman Chartered Inspection and Evaluation Committee and former Guest Scientist of ICTP, Trieste Italy narrated about his meetings with Prof Salam in Italy long back in 1989.

He quoted the thoughts of Prof Salam “Scientific thought is the common heritage of mankind.”

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