STAFF REPORT ISB: The consumers can sell extra electricity to the power distribution companies at off peak rates which they could generate easily through the solar and wind systems during day hours.

Instead of staying just as consumers, the clients of power distribution companies have been provided a modern facility of selling the extra electricity.

Following successful models of several western and eastern countries, the government ultimately introduced this technology to facilitate power-producing customers and help overcome the unending power deficit in the country.

“The Net Metering Regulations” recently introduced by the federal government paves the way towards establishment of flexible regulatory regime where any consumer can install solar panels and sell excess electricity to concerned distribution company by following a short simple and easy process.

“The system will help in fulfilling the power generation gap resulting in reduced load shedding,” Chairman National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), Brig (R) Tariq Saduzai said.

This initiative would not only ensure uninterrupted power supply for consumers but would go a long way in establishment of clear and consistent tariff regime where consumers would be charged the same rate as what they receive from the distribution company said the Chairman NEPRA.

“This system would promote electricity generation through solar and wind energy which is clean, environment friendly and renewable. Promoting clean and renewable energy is also a priority of the government,” he added.

The government has made Net Metering Arrangement very simple to attract more and more consumers.

“The system includes five steps including, Submission of Application by the Consumer, Technical Review of Application by DISCO, Signing of Net Metering Agreement, Payment of Interconnection Charges by the Consumer, Sale/Purchase of Electricity,” said Ayesha Tassaduq, Spokesperson NEPRA, told the media.

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