NetSol signs $100m worth multiple contract

STAFF REPORT LHR: NetSol, a global business services and enterprise applications solution provider, has signed a new contract currently valued at more than $100 million which includes license, maintenance, services and expected customizations, with a long-standing customer.

This contract, spanning a period of 5 years and maintenance and support for 10 years, will also include the implementation of NFS Ascent in a new market, South Africa, bringing the geographical footprint of the services implementation to a total of 12 markets.

“This monumental deal will usher the company into a new phase and further cement our position as leaders in the domain of finance and leasing,” said Salim Ghauri, CEO, NetSol Technologies.

He said that this deal is a testament to our continued commitment to innovation, excellence and promoting a culture within NetSol of constantly striving to do business in new and revolutionary ways.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Salim Ghauri stated “This agreement will prove to be transformative and groundbreaking for the Pakistani tech industry as it is possibly the largest ever contract awarded to local company for developing and deploying an enterprise grade platform.”

NetSol employs the best minds in the business to develop and deliver this state-of-the-art product along with creating a support service structure for unparalleled flawless user experience.

The company called upon its unique internal capabilities, honed over decades of experience and innovation to develop this unmatched platform which is being widely adopted by fortune 500 companies and smaller growth companies alike.

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