STAFF REPORT ISB: It is a matter of great pride for the country that President, Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Science Foundation, Dr Manzoor Hussain Soomro has been included in the panel of judges in World Science Forum (WSF) along with the major renowned scientists to evaluate the innovative ideas of youth for attaining United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The World Science Forum (WSF)-2015 is going to be held in Budapest Hungary from 4-7 November, 2015. The main theme of the 2015 Forum will be “The Enabling Power of Science” considering the way how science opens new ways for the change of human life, business development, and policy making.Speakers of the Forum will express their thoughts through 6 plenary and 9 thematic sessions.

Supported by the achievement of the 1999 World Conference on Science and in the spirit of the Declaration issued by WCS, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in association with UNESCO and ICSU, started a series of events called World Science Forum occurring biennially in Budapest. In 2001, UNESCO doled out the day of the November 10 to serve as “World Science Day”, a day devoted to science and researchers.

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