STAFF REPORT LHR: World Wide Fund Pakistan (WWF-Pak) organized an event on the event of World Animal Day to push the need of creature welfare and scattering information and knowledge to cognize the masses about its significance for a supportable planet. The idea of creature wellbeing means to advance their preservation in the wild and also uncover brutality towards them in bondage.

Talking on the day, Dr Uzma Khan, Director Species Conservation, WWF-Pakistan said, “Natural life species are declining as a result of unlawful exchange, territory misfortune and strife with neighborhood groups. This day reminds every person to be mindful and not buy wild creatures as pets as they may have been illicitly obtained, for example, turtles, parrots and numerous winged animal species. It is additionally difficult to meet their welfare needs. We have to act together to spare creatures in the wild, take care of those that are under our consideration whether in zoos, research labs, working creatures, ranches or pets”.

As indicated by WWF’s Living Planet Report 2014, worldwide population of fish, birds, warm blooded creatures, terrestrial species and water and reptiles have declined by 52 for every penny in the most recent 40-year period. Today, creatures over the world face potential dangers to their survival because of a quickly expanding worldwide populace, wetlands and woods transformation into agrarian terrains and development of new lodging states. Additionally outlandish types of creatures stance potential danger to indigenous natural life and biological communities and illicit chasing are conveying numerous species to the edge of elimination.

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