AREBRO UNIVERSITY attempts to utilize, re-join and further create techniques for information reconciliation, measurable learning, system science and factual bioinformatics. Analytic and prescient biosignatures for gastrointestinal brokenness, for the most part, IBS and IBD, are in the center of this position, sifted from clinical, sub-atomic and microbial profile information.

Information is for the most part from our participations accomplices, therapeutic specialists and biomedical scientists inside of the worldwide examination environment Nutrition-Gut-Brain Interactions Research Center (NGBI, see join underneath). Methodological advancement in bioinformatics is run together with accomplices at Swedish, Norwegian, German, and English Universities. The focus is on NGS and OMICs information investigation in a blend with factual learning for biosignature mining.

The candidate needs to have an in number computational biology, on the other hand, software engineering or mathematics with programming abilities. NGS information examination experience is off point of preference. Day by day correspondence with our tentatively meeting expectations accomplices on a worldwide level makes solid relational abilities essential. Former training in bioinformatics, software engineering or related fields is bonus point and preference will be given.

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