STAFF REPORT LHR: The environmental protection spearhead World Wide Fund Pakistan (WWF-Pak) recently held third annual Green Office Network Meeting here in Lahore aiming to vitalize sustainable waste management ethics. WWF-Pak organizes annual meeting in order to convolve the Green Office certified companies on a single forum and provide in depth official and industrial practices layout necessary for keeping environmental constraints in equilibrium.

The various industrial and corporate players attended the ceremony and got ample knowledge about the sustainable waste management practices that can be adapted for reducing the environmental impact of the respective organizations.

High official of WWF-Pak said during the ceremony, “The Green Office Initiative was launched in Pakistan six years back and 42 offices have joined the programme so far and are working actively to reduce their individual environmental footprint, educating their employees to become responsible citizens and understanding their civic and environmental responsibilities”.

The Green Office initiative has been instrumental in sensitizing the corporate and industrial sector to adapt environmental friendly ethics and work collectively for coping with the climate change challenge which has already opened jaws and swallowing the economy, infrastructure, biodiversity, and various other important chapters of country.

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