STAFF REPORT ISB: The climate change is one of the top most challenges Pakistan is facing. There are number of factors that trigger climate change and adaptation policies must be adapted in order to protect country from its adverse impacts. A seminar to highlight the importance of adaptation policies and identification of opportunities that climate change offers in order to balance its adversities. The event was organized by Pakistan Institute of Development Economic (PIDE) in collaboration with Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC).

Seerat Asghar, Secretary Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFSandR) was also present on the occasion. She said while addressing to the participants, “A comprehensive strategy is required for adaptation of rising temperatures and climate change. The water security is one of the big challenges Pakistan is facing which is amongst the impacts of climate change. A holistic and integrated approach towards climate change can certain the resilience to climate change”.

The speakers from various organizations including PARC, NARC were of the view that a detailed study on impacts of climate change at micro level is required in order to identify the opportunities and formulate future strategies based on those studies.

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