STAFF REPORT KHI: The renewable energy has vast scope in Pakistan and companies working on alternate energies can supplement the energy sector of Pakistan as whole by contributing to the energy mix. Reon Energy Limited, the renewable energy company of Dawood Hercules Corporation (DHCL) has signed agreement with TCF School to provide uninterrupted electricity supply.

Wasi-ud-din, Technical Officer at TCF School Hubco said, “The school offers stress free environment and with the installation of Reons solar panels, another milestone in the CSR Programme for HUBCO is completed. The objective of installation of panels was to create free electricity available to the school. Reons Solar system has saved us a great amount of time and resources. Teachers can now conduct sessions as per their schedule.”

Reon Energy Limited is the prominent player in the private energy sector of Pakistan – in total, controlling up to 1,800MW of generation capacity with ventures like Hubco, Tenaga Generasi Limited, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company, Engro Power Gen, and Laraib Energy.

It was noted that due to electricity failures and off-grid locations there was a lot of interruption in the educational and operational activities of the school due to which it was imperative to hunt a solution and installation of solar panels is now providing interruption free and cost effective energy solution to the school.

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