STAFF REPORT PATTOKI: The zoo or pet animals can transmit infectious viral and bacterial diseases including measles, smallpox, influenza, HIV, tuberculosis etc. The phenomenon can occur in vice versa order as well as animals can also be harmed from humans. A two day sensitization workshop on Zoo animal keeping, zoonosis and biosafety measures was organized by National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) in collaboration with Department of Wildlife and Ecology, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Pakistan Wildlife Foundation (PWF) and American Association for the Advancement in Sciences (AAAS).

The objectives of the workshop were to educate the participants about Zoonotic and infectious diseases that can be transmitted from wild, zoo and pet animals to humans or from humans to wild, zoo or pet animals. The participants were also briefed about overview of wildlife of Pakistan and challenges, Animal welfare, animal rights and ethics in animal research, Zoo animal diseases and their treatment, Wildlife Legislation, Basics of bio-safety, Standard microbiological practices, Lab waste management, Chemicals safety, Bio-safety aspects of biotechnology and nanotechnology research and Personal protective equipment and their applications.

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