STAFF REPORT LHR: The aid of advanced technologies can help a great deal in curbing the menace of electricity, gas, and water theft that cause heavy loss to companies. Currently, the situation is extremely dismal and to counteract stringent measures must be taken so to avoid the plenty of losses that hurt national economy as well as impede the path of national development. “Smart metering devices can be a great utility in ensuring the transparency and theft identification”, MianZahid Hussain, President Businessmen and Intellectual Forum (PBIF) proposed the solution in a meeting.

He further said that the smart metering devices are the need of the hour, and they can help save Rs. 360 billion that is wasted due to power theft and line losses annually.

Smart metering devices are capable to send electronic meter readings automatically to suppliers of water and energy through intrinsic SIM Card in order to settle the issue of overbilling/under paying. Moreover, the devices can also play integral role in load management of power, gas and water and can enhance distribution company`s operation.

The introduction of smart metering devices will also eliminate the need of meter readers which are on most of the occasion main source of corruption.

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