STAFF REPORT ISB: The agricultural sector is backbone of country`s economy and development of this sector is imperative for economic revival. The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is the leading organization in agri sector research and development. It has played pivotal role in uplifting of agriculture through number of initiatives. PARC has once again stride forward for the significant resolve of agri sector development by signing agreement with Korean OAK Commercial Agricultural Farming (OAKS CAF).

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was jointly signed by representatives of both sides in a ceremony held at PARC headquarters. According to MoU, the mutual areas of cooperation include development of pilot programme for Holistic Land and Livestock Management (HLLM).

Both the organizations will work together to obtain grants for the said project and also take initiatives for training and capacity building for the project.

Additionally, a community programme will be started to monitor the variability in project`s social, economic and environmental indicators from the baseline.

This project is of crucial importance and will fuel the agri sector elevating in years to come that will boost the national economy and sustainable development. This MoU also marks new era of cooperation between both organizations that must be strengthened with the time.

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