Staff Report ISD: Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab has started “Khadim-e- Punjab Metro Wi-Fi Network Programme” for the advancement and promotion of Information Technology in the province. The targets of this program are to promote education in the province with the help of advanced technology. Under this program, the availability of Wi-Fi facility will be ensured at important educational institutions, hospitals, railway stations, airports, metro bus routes, bus stands and other places and the scope of this program would gradually be expanded.

A proposal has also been approved by Government of Punjab in order to provide TABs to teachers of mathematics and science subjects from Grade 6 to 10. Flamboyant students of Grade 5 to 8 of public sector schools will also be eligible to get the TABs.

Punjab Information Technology Board has also initiated the program of digitization of textbooks along with the cooperation of Punjab Textbook Board. Under this program, Punjab Government has digitalized all textbooks of science subjects and mathematics from Grade 6-10 while CDs of the digitized books have also been produced.

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