STAFF REPORT ISD: Warid Telecom and Ericsson signed three year managed services agreement in the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. As a result, Warid Telecom will have access to number of additional benefits, including enhanced network performance, an optimised seamless user experience, field service efficiency, as well as first line and second line support.

Adeel Bajwa, Chairman Board Executive Committee, Warid Telecom stated on this occasion that we have strong corporate relationship with Ericsson for the past 10 years and we both have mutual understanding. Ericson is well aware of the needs and requirements of Warid Telecom. After launching of LTE services in Pakistan, Warid is keen to ensure quality services to its customers with the cooperation of Ericsson. They will support us to expand our network coverage and capacity for both GSM and LTE services across Pakistan.

Rafiah Ibrahim, President Ericsson, Region Middle East and East Africa, appreciated their lasting commitment that they succeeded to achieve their goals in the field of managed services because of their venerable partnership since 2005. She said that this extended collaboration; we aim to provide Warid Telecom users with a differentiated network performance and all-encompassing end-user experience which in its turn will help us realize the Networked Society in Pakistan.

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