There is a global consensus that endorses telecommunications as an infrastructure essential to a countrys economic development and global competitiveness. Nationwide telecommunications networks form the backbone for national inclusion, productivity and competitiveness today.

The impact of this backbone infrastructure is visible in every facet, be it communication on voice calls, sharing pictures, browsing the internet, information processing and transactions by business and now increasing data driven social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp….the list goes on. These are just a few aspects of ICT significance, while a whole new side exists beyond this. ICT solutions are enabling people in accessing and sharing information and transforming workplaces into a more productive environment.

The role of ICT and its uptake is much more rapid and healthier when the benefits on offer are seen in context to specific socio-economic aspects like health, education, livelihood and economy, to name a few. The relevance and benefits of ICT across all these socio-economic aspects is in the change that it introduces in how things are done. ICT has become an important support aspect of our individual and collective decisions and actions. Pakistan is also immersed in ICT more than ever before and the growth is picking up.

There is no sense of a daily life today without the various services we use every day. PTCL has been the primary driver in this surge of communications technology, where the companys network infrastructure is acting as the backbone of connectivity to organizations, businesses, SMEs and banks resulting in improved products, services and operations. At the same time, technology led initiatives like online interactive learning and wireless internet for AIOU students by PTCL and e-health services by Agha Khan University in Northern Pakistan are bringing convenience to people in multiple ways.

ICT solutions PTCL are enabling organization and business to simplify and automate processes, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Apart from benefits to businesses, many farming communities are also reaping the benefits of affordable broadband access by getting updated commodity prices and connecting to the buyers directly.

Pakistani banking sector is also benefitting from the ready availability of ICT services where online services are successfully transforming Pakistans economy to be more efficient, productive and globally competitive. Banks are increasingly relying on this multifunctional channel to conduct online business. In fact, increasing number of high-end consumers prefer to conduct banking transactions online. Pakistans socio-economic sector has gained momentum through the streamlined development of communications infrastructure, where the national carrier PTCL has been the forerunner.

To further this impetus, a national plan with collective inputs form stakeholders is imperative to encourage growth and support ICT enabled services and products across primary sectors like health, education, agriculture and livelihood. It is only under a National ICT Framework for Pakistan that we can hope to reap the true benefits of ICT and our national telecommunications sector.

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