As we welcome the New Year, its time to think about the small changes you can make in your everyday lives to get the most out of the year ahead and enjoy a prosperous 2015.

At Intel®we truly believe that technology can enrich peoples lives, which is why weve outlined eight waysnew tools and devices can help you achieve your goals, get organized, and start the year as you mean to go on- its already shaping up to be an exciting year for technology!

1.Beat Your Personal Best –Take your health and fitness to the next level this year with new wearable technologies delivering exceptional fitness experiences. The Intel-poweredSMS Audio BioSport™Headphonesgive you everything needed to stay motivated and reach your goals with its high-quality audio and ability to gather heart rate data as you work out. The headphones also sync with fitness applicationRun Keeper* to capture even more data from your session. Alternatively, IntelsBasis Peak™watch uses an optical heart-rate sensor to deliver always-on, strap-free insights into how your body is performing, from workouts to sleep and everything in between.

2.Get Organised –Make the most of 2015 with a new laptop, 2in1, All in One (AIO) or tablet that helps you keep on top of all the exciting and important experiences coming your way. Whether youre a Windows or Android user, Intel has you covered with its vast range of Intel®-based devices.

3.Seek Tranquillity –Theres no better tactic to welcome the New Year than paving the way for a tranquil and organised 2015 by re-invigorating your devices. Tablets powered by the newIntel® Atom™processorsprovide great multitasking capabilities and outstanding battery life, allowing you to edit photos, videos and presentations on the go, so that you can work, play and create extensively.

4.Get Lucky-If you have a lucky number or color then kick off 2015 with a new device or accessory featuring it. For instance, if red is your favourite color then why not select a device that comes in the vibrant shade? You could even increase your chance of good fortune by choosing a model with your lucky number in its name. Whatever you choose, you simply cant go wrong by combining a lucky symbol with the power, speed and performance of a new Intel processor powered-device, such as a cool razor thin 2 in 1 built on theIntel® Core™ M processor.

5.Be a Trend Setter –Weve always been told that controlling our devices with mid-air gestures and movements is a technology we can expect to see in the future, but withIntels RealSense™technology you can experience it today. Devices featuring the Intel RealSense 3D camera, such asASUS N Series laptopsand theDellVenue 8 7000 Series Android™ Tablet, combine visual data with motion tracking software to offer an interactive and engaging touch-free interface that responds to hand, arm, and head movements as well as facial expressions.

6.Keep Safe and Sound-Keeping track of countless passwords and security questions could soon be a thing of the past.True Keytechnology allows you to instantly log in to your favourite apps and websites using a variety of factors that are only unique to you – like your facial features. The more factors you add, the stronger your True Key profile becomes and the more ownership you have over your digital identity.

7.Live in a New World of Computing-The next era of computing is the non-screen age of computing, where computational power resides in everyday objects around us. This year it will start to become a reality. Withwireless chargingfor instance, youll have more time to focus on recharging your own energy without worrying about the energy levels of your technology.

8.Stay Connected-Make the most of video, audio and messaging applications, such asPersonify, to keep in touch with your friends and family wherever they are in the world. You might decide to pick an AIO system offering great video conferencing, desktop PC, and entertainment experiences, which fits nicely into your stylish contemporary living room. Whether you choose 2 in 1, AIO, laptop or tablet, the seamless and superior performance and connectivity in devices with Intel® Inside ensures you can keep in touch with those you love this year, wherever it may take you.

By Web Team

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