STAFF REPORT KHI: The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and American Soybean Association have launched the “Aquaculture Handbook – Fish Farming and Nutrition in Pakistan”.

The handbook, jointly written by Pakistani and US scientists, is part of the ongoing USDA effort to expand farmed-fish yields and farmer incomes through better fish feeding and management practices.

“Coastal and inland fish farming presents an opportunity to make seafood available to more consumers at more reasonable prices, while generating additional income for Pakistans farmers,” said US Consul General Brian Heath while addressing the event.

He said that the US is helping Pakistani farmers make better use of water resources, providing an impetus for supply chain development, and generating demand for fish feed.US and Pakistani experts have also helped a local feed manufacturer establish production of high-quality fish feed using soybean-derived ingredients, providing farmers with a ready supply of feed.

Since 2011, USDAs Aquaculture Project has helped train hundreds of farmers through field demonstrations, seminars, and one-on-one site visits. In his remarks, Jam Khan Shoro, Sindh Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, said Pakistan has immense resources to boost its fishery sector. Elaborating he said that the country has got 1100 km long coastal line of marine water which is perfectly suitable for fishery and aquaculture business.

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