STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistans all-important construction industry is by and large using substandard steel products imported in recent months.

According to industry sources, during 2014 approximately 0.25 million tons of steel billets, bars, wire rods and flat sheets were imported.

Industry sources claimed that the quality of the imported steel was not being tested by the PSQCA and Customs on the countrys seaports.

“The goods are cleared on the basis of PSQCAs temporary release certificates and no further investigation is carried out before such goods are used in the countrys infrastructure,” claimed an executive of a re-rolling mill, requesting anonymity.

He claimed that shiploads of imported steel billets were coming into the country with no original mill test certificates.

“Any sample can be passed at the right price. Samples that are sent for testing are often switched before testing so the consumer doesnt get the true picture. This is the ground reality,” he said.

The PSQCA Act provides that exporting manufacturers must get licenses from the Authority before they could be allowed to export goods into Pakistan.Moreover, the Authority must quarantine goods upon arrival at port to test the quality of such goods before allowing its sale in the local market.

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