STAFF REPORT LHR: An induction ceremony for freshman at the University of Engineering and Technologys undergraduate and postgraduate programmes has recently been held at the varsity campus. HEC Chairman Mukhtar Ahmad was the chief guest.

“You should be proud of joining such a prestigious institution,” he said and exhorted the entrants to work hard.

Speaking about the HEC, he said the status of higher education in the country was improving every day. He said at least 10 higher education institutions in Pakistan had been included in the top institutions in the world.

“The HEC is doing its best. Now students have to deliver… The nation expects it of you,” he said.

He said the country is facing difficult times. “We require of students to work hard and help steer the country out of its problems.”

Pakistan is faced with an ever-growing energy crisis, unemployment and terrorism. “We can fight these issues through education and innovation.”

UET Vice Chancellor Fazal A Khalid said the HEC had helped improve the university and its campuses. “The HEC is critical to progress in the country.”

He pointed towards the need to revise the curricula. He said educators, with support from the government, must do their best to promote quality education.

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