STAFF REPORT ISB: Mobile companies have conveyed to the government their inability to complete the SIMs verification through biometric system within the 28 days started from the last week of December.

Not only the task cannot be completed within the given time but it could cost the consumers in terms of increased tariff that the companies might impose to cover the costs of biometric verifications process, an official, requesting anonymity, told this scribe.

He said that it is not the first time that the government has asked the mobile operators to block illegal and unregistered SIMs but the matter is still pending.

In the wake of Peshawar incident, the government has once again taken up the matter and ordered the companies to complete the task within 28 days.

Sources in PTA said that mobile operators have clearly conveyed that the task cannot be completed within 28 days.The companies are giving indications that the government should come up with some plan that can save the consumers from additional cost. But that plan once again cannot reduce the minimum time required for SIM verifications.

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