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Motor companies are focusing on efficiency. However, it is unlike the efficiency introduced by other technology companies in automotive industry. The technology isnt going to focus on any new concept like solar or water based cars or electronic vehicles. The focus is on old technology researched upon by scholars of the university to reach closer to perfection (which can never be achieved).

The concept is that of old technology improved further by investigating the old principles thoroughly. New technologies, materials, metallurgy and other knowledge horizons are to be shaken by the researchers to come up with something new mixture used in making an engine.

The technology which is demonstrated visually in an animation to work throttle when it is in streets consuming good amount of fuel but when fast on highways, the use may become very economical so that no such economic consumption records be there or if there are the technology may not be the one which is going to be introduced by any other companies.

The technology is expected to work for the betterment of environment by modifications in the structure of the engine. The pistons movement would be brought to a level of one piston moving when on highways so that the energy consumed can be very little, almost 1/3 of the total consumption.

According to an official of automotive manufacturing company, the technology is still very confidential and its details would be made public when its production would be ready. Collaborating partners do include the high performing Lawrence Tech University in Michigan which is well known for its applied research in technology. Having 85 per cent of the faculty from the top firms in technology and other sectors, the university is peculiar in its pedagogy which isnt theory based rather practitioners are invited to impart the market ready knowledge to students.

The automotive industry in US is moving fast to become more little enemy of our swiftly entropy suffering ecological system. The deterioration is majorly caused by automotive industry which has nullified De-Facto over De-Jure to save Cults of Commerce. Natural Technology suffered elimination by terminator protected by law. Yet, deep learning over time resulted in producing tech which is more and more environment friendly in usage only. Is it friendly while manufactured?

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