STAFF REPORT LHR: A group of students have successfully developed a mobile application that would enable citizens to access public transport information, including a route planner and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of buses.

Called Travly, the free android app aims to offer public transport commuters access to information about the closest bus stop, which buses to board to go to a particular destination and the bus schedule.

“The inspiration for the app came from having to spend Rs250 on a rickshaw ride while returning from university,” said Shahmir Khan, CEO of 404 Solutions.

The idea was also taken up as their final year project when the team pursued their software engineering at the Beaconhouse National University. Later, all five members – Faizan Khan, Muhammad Mehmood Ali, Muhammad Zohaib, Talaal Burny and Shahmir Khan – came together to work more on the idea and develop an app. “We were very passionate about the idea,” he said.

The team members claim that 73 per cent of Pakistanis do not use public transport because they are unaware of bus stops, bus routes or are unsure when the bus will arrive.

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