The latest installment of Sony Xperia smartphone is going to be unveiled by INOVI. INOVI will be Sonys official seller and distributor in Pakistan.Hence, Xperia smartphones will now be offered all over the nation with official warranty and accessories from Japanese handset manufacturer.

Inovi has mentioned that they are going to launch Z3, Z3 Compact, C3 Dual, M2 Aqua, M2 Dual, E3 Dual of Xperia line-up in the emerging smartphone market of Pakistan.

The products are specifically tailored to reach beyond imaginations to offer clients a more improved, thrilling interactive and waterproof experience like no other opponent in the market.

These Xperia devices are loaded with the latest smart Sony technology of Ultra High Definition, 20.7 MP 4k Camera Video Recording that provides four times detailed images and videos in contrast to Full HD 1080p image to give customer a real cinematic view on their handset as well as TV screen.

The smartphones are enabled with NFC technology to support radio communication with the nearby devices and a Walkman to keep your music on where the user goes.

The best thing about these latest handsets are that they are fully certified with IP65 and IP68 authentication which means that you can now enjoy the impressive experience of going under water to take selfie or to take the endless incredible world of ocean by your smartphone.

The IP rating certification is also offered with these devices which measures the devices durability. Inovi have mentioned that a one year hardware and software warranty plan is available with the purchase of these high end smartphones.

Following are the official prices tags of Xperia Phones in Pakistan.

• Xperia Z3 Dual (Z3 D6633): Rs. 72,000

• Xperia Z3 Compact: Rs. 58,000

• Xperia C3 Dual: Rs. 30,000

• Xperia M2 Dual: Rs. 28,000

• Xperia M2 Aqua (D2403): Rs. 31,500

• Xperia E3 Dual: Rs. 20,000

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