STAFF REPORT ISB: Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoIT) is in process of developing an operating system to curb grey traffic and provide effective solutions for reducing revenue loss.The system will consist of four major building blocks whose purpose will be to collect data, analyse it, report in a meaningful format and use the results to monitor the traffic.

According to details, the system will be installed at the Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE). National ICT Research and Development Fund, a subsidiary of the ministry, is executing the project in collaboration with Comsats Institute of IT (CIIT), Islamabad, at the cost of Rs.13.51 million.

Officials said the project called the Automatic Monitoring and Detection System (AMDS) for grey traffic is being executed in two phases. In the first phase, training will be provided and then a real-time system will be installed at PIE. The process will begin at the CIIT campus, after which the project will proceed towards step two when the system will be installed.After the installation, it will be tested in a real-time environment before being properly launched.Grey routes can be identified in terminating networks. Normally, heavy load in certain network areas or short voice calls or incomplete call information indicates grey traffic.

This traffic may then be distributed onwards using WLL and mobile numbers. Grey telephony causes an estimated loss of over Rs.3 billion annually.

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