STFF REPORT KHI: Curative potential to treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections explored in Pakistani Black Cobra Snake. it was reported in a recent findings of FUUAST research project. The research project titled “Exploring Therapeutic potential of Pakistan Black Cobra Snake Venom” was investigated by Federal Urdu University, Department of Microbiology. The Principal Investigator of the Project Prof. Sikandar Sherwani told Technology Times, “Snake is no doubt a dreadful animal, but Allah is supreme he has kept something beneficial in all, such as I explored finally that Pakistani Black cobra venom has wonderful ability to combat or kill pathogenic bugs.” Prof. Sherwani further added that, the results are above his expectations, when he started he was not hopeful for the success of his findings, but with deep research and constant hard work he finally achieved the hidden ability of venom.

Prof. Sherwani added that he had performed many biological assays and got promising results findings. He also got good antioxidant activity that is an indication that it may also fight against cancerous conditions. He said the work is preliminary but highly hopeful to do something remarkable after achieving future prospects.

He also found out the toxicity value of the venom and so far the work has been done, it is on crude venom. He has strong will to subject the venom for further purification and isolation of biocidal agent.

Talking about the financial resources and risk associated to have snake venom in the lab, he said “Im thankful for the financial support by FUUST Dean Faculty of Science Dr Arif Zubair who supported this project from Dean’s Grant, and the collaboration of DOW University of Health Sciences. The work was full of excitement as getting venom and keeping it in lab was risky, but I did it in a very secure manner”.

Commenting on commercial aspects of the project, Prof Shewarni said that he felt sorry as in Pakistan there is big gap between academia and industry. If any pharmaceutical industry facilitates, so one can develop an effective drug from the lab findings.

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