STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistans Bio-remediation model for the waste water treatment and capacity building would be replicated in Turkey, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh. The Bio-remediation model which was developed by National Institute of Bio-remediation (NIB) of National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) would also be introduced later in other OIC member countries.

In this regard NIB in collaboration with Standing Committee on Economic and Commercial Co-operation (COMCEC) has recently organised a two-day international workshop on “Pakistan Bio-remediation Model for Capacity Building” to share the experiences of other member countries.

The committee decided the model initially would be introduced in four countries and later among the other OIC member countries for waste water treatment and capacity building.

The meeting also decided that COMCEC will assist NIB and NARC for transfer of technology to OIC-member countries for water resource management as well as to protect the environment.

“Mayor of Ankara will come on official visit to Islamabad to witness Pakistans Model of Bio-remediation for replication in Turkey,” said Head of COMCEC, Fateh Kaya while speaking on the occasion.

He said that NIB will transfer Bio-remediation technology, initially to Turkey, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh and later to other OIC member countries.

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