Society needs economy with frugality to live a simple life. We require basic necessities of life for our day to day needs be met satisfaction level. The soft revolution has disrupted the simple demands and its curvilnear nature to haphazard zigzag nature having many ups and downs in a graph. The economy for our society needs more complexity with having touch of soft soul like product. The economy is being boosted significantly by this new innovative product running the computer hardware. The software accounts greatly for our economy as it is in huge demand all over the world, especially in developed countries and helps in renaissance of our economy downfall.

The potency of this product in terms of contribution in GDP of Pakistan is considered crucial for the graduates we have produced so far in our institutes, universities, schools and colleges in addition to technical and vocational training institutes. Of the 70% youth less than 40 years of age, the educated ones are very little. But worst case scenario is the educated ones have no opportunity to develop what they want to develop in their respective fields. They often join the professions which are not relevant to their education acquired. It is because of lack of potential inside. Most of the computer graduates are working for developed countries. Computer literates are unable to establish a software house for its bulkier initial investments in establishing a software house for development purposes. It needs heavy investments initially which is not supported by universities and other governmental org. The youth ultimately turns to the profession of teaching and similar passive activities to earn a living which often is hard in monetary terms. It has been observed that young computer potential HR is brain drained for not having conducive work environment. Contribution is still there but the percentage of sending money back is hampered by strict regulation from developed countries as well as due to settlements of youth abroad also obstacles a better revenue being sent back to family which still is less than what they would have earned if offices were established in their home country.

The values are also creating issues as usage of internet is not free from value disruption either it be social, moral or else. The improper counseling and guidance in this regard often results in students becoming tech fobiacs thus whole investment is in vain. Teachers guidance in this regard and parents quick action can improve the situation. Religious figures can also play a very active and dynamic role by using teachings of Islam to guide them for the proper usage rather than abandoning the technology which now a days is very critical for economic survival of any individual entity.

Potency is increasing as new schools, colleges and universities are opening and all are observed to launch computer degree programs as it is very much in fame among the youth for its fast observed output and easy to learn for its practicality and interesting also. The increasing number of computer professionals in computers has resulted in greater HR pool available for exploitation by software firms which are very limited in number to accommodate in Pakistan. We need to make the backbone strong by augmenting via software technology policy which also safeguards the youth from malicious sites distracting them from work.

Technology is for society which needs regulations though it is believed that innovation should be free of all restrictions to be developed.

By Web Team

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