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EatOye Pakistan, www.eatoye.pk/ Pakistans largest online food order service, launched a new nationwide Hyper Discount Campaign One Crore Week, with a blog squad in Karachi. The campaign centers on massive discounts at top of the line restaurants in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and will run throughout the week from 22nd to 26th Dec, 2014.

Bloggers from across Karachi gathered on “One Crore Weeks” launch and celebrate passionfor food. The event took place in the heart of Karachi and was characterized by enthusiasm and open debate.

The 1 CRORE WEEK is giving up to 50% discounts at top 50 restaurants nationwide and includes name such as KFC, Walls, Dominos, Broadway Pizza, to name but a few.

“On the heels of our massively successful Don’t Cook, Just EatOye! campaign, launched in August 2014, we were looking to do something really different and thus began a campaign to rid Pakistani home makers from the chore of cooking”, states Nauman Sikandar, Chief Executive, EatOye Pakistan.

“The foremost goal of the campaign is to encourage food ordering through restaurants and discourage cooking at home! Hence, the campaign will play a huge warm-up the market role”, continued Nauman.

The catering at the event was done by the awesome 14th Street Pizza Co, who introduced the latest offering “The Original” to their existing product line – the audience loved it!

“Working in partnership with restaurants, media and foodie customers, EatOye Pakistan is proud to see this original campaign come to execution”, added Rai Umair, CTO of EatOye!

2014 has relatively been a tough year for the restaurant industry. Hence, just not for foodie customers but One Crore Week campaign will fit out to the restaurants needs as well. Leading to a hospitable start of brand New Year 2015, this is EatOyes initiative to bear a hand with the restaurant industry to bid farewell to 2k14 on a winning note.

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