Procurement for anybusiness is a process consuming huge amount of resources. Without ita company can’t perform actions as materials in the raw form are to be processed by the HR and both are to be procured with sound knowledge of the suppliers of both the materials and HR. A single man doing the business can handle it but there is a limit to what he or she can work out.

Machines are made to augment humans in performing business activities. We havefast computers now with ability to store billions of books with information on fingertips for those who haveit and know its appropriate usage. Then itis the technology of information systems supporting the business cause to benefit from the bits organized to help out the business personnel. Its all out there but procurement remains an issue.

Doing business requires resourcein which we now consider a resource of machines, both electronic and mechanic. But natural machines arefor good reason the most critical part of any activity or may it be put like this that the cause of any activity as its made so. With out natural tech of humans, their body,bones and brains, whole earth would havebeen all butfutile. For us everything exists and we are the reasons and causes of newbies in this universe.And good point is that we cando allwhat others can’t do, i.e. we can travel everywherebut of course air planes, buses, cars and others can’t travel to all the places. We have this structuregifted by Allah which make us to travel to lands, plateaus, mountains, waters of seas and rivers,jungles, stairs in a house or walls or anywhere wewant to.

Point isthe right procurement ofHR is the most easy thing we can dobest for our businesses.We only need to be social and communicative rather than reserved and possessive. If our business is good and for the sake of mankind’s well being then we will be more opena system which can absorb anyone coming in to serve the purpose. Closed systems are non-existants and are prone to die downin short time span. Humans are open and close in their system of sub systems (tissues, organs, bones etc.). But are to be found very easily and can be programmed as per requirement. Really, the programming can be done, either good or bad. They can be taken over by a good leader to serve humanity via business or a campaign and also it is easy to get them detracked to yet more sophisticative agenda which is more close in its nature then being open and having aims and objectives of serving a cult rather than humanity. The most easily available and the most critical tech needs love and care to perform well not the money.

Its available every where but we only avoid it because of not having the ability to start a business which will help humanity but the groups which we are in love with or which supports us. We work not for all but selfishness caused by individualism has made us pretty much alone in service sectors caring not about others in the world thus dumping waste in poor countries. Sure, as per systems theory, we are making a big mistake as it will come back to us now or then, sooner or later. As we in this universe are one big system interacting for good. We need to procure fantastic HR rather than computers, IS and other machines which have many limitations as compared to HR.

Easy to find them and for any time. Some are even willing to work for food only. Having immense power of knowledge with wisdom and deep rooted information about emotions, passions, situations etc. which really is missing in man made defective technologies having limitations. Marketed in a way to prove their power but not capacitated byAllah to reach where HR has reached. Used in a way to solve small issues but structured in a way to cause many issues as they are not planned for longer time periods with motive of money making only.

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