STAFF REPORT KHI: Inspector General Police, Sindh, Ghulam Hayder Jamali, has constituted a committee of DIGs including DIG CIA and Zonal DIGs of Karachi to formulate practical recommendations in close coordination and discussion with PTA, Karachi Zone, with regard to SIMs issued before introducing Biometric Verification System (BVS) especially.

The committee, during a meeting, has further been directed to identify the quantum of unverified SIMs issued and to recommend suitable action for ensuring BVS.

During the meeting, thread there discussion was held with a 9-member delegation of PTA here at Central Police Office. The meeting suggested that those un-verified prepaid SIMs, which are not functioning for more than a month may be blocked, PTA to direct cellular companies to bind their customers to get verified their SIMs through BVS within a given frame-work of time and NADRA may also be requested in black and white to give access to police with regard to SIMs verification Data.

The delegation of PTA informed the meeting that Joint Working Group representative of IT Ministry, Ministry of Information, NADRA, FIA, IB, PTA etc has already been formed to look into the issue of availability of unverified SIMs and to device a comprehensive re-verification execution plan through BVS.

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