STAFF REPORT ISB: Drousham Nasir, a graduate student of Microbiology in Federal Urdu University of Arts Science and Technology, Pakistan, has recently participated in ASM-NAYS Science Communication Challenge.

She is the only student from the FUUAST, who has participated in this contest.

Its a big achievement in itself as she developed a documentary (along with Zainab Khan) under the guidance of Prof. Sikandar Sherwani regarding health hygiene awareness in Pakistan.

“The simple act of washing your hands can drastically curtail the spread of disease, save lives, and should be promoted among children and adults,” Drousham said in her comments on the occasion.

According to her, simply washing hands can help to avoid transmitting the cold and flu virus. Raw food can also be a source of food poisoning and by handling raw food, the hands become the motorways of infection.

“So your hands can get contaminated even by a shopping cart. Kitchen cloths are also vehicles of spreading disease. But instead of getting very anxious, what people must do is take necessary precautions and wash hands before eating,” she asserted.

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