Commerce era is prevailing since industrialization. Despite the information era, due to combos formation of profiteers focusing in technology based strategies to gain bigger market, the focus in on monetary benefits with little attention to society. Business and commerce are taking over the old trading concepts which partly is resisted by the embargoes, sanctions, taxation and other restrictions from globalized economies. It is all the war of the economies as we modernize to be called civilized and developed as per new techno metric systems of analysis.

Pressure on students is not direct welfare of society as they become educated. The very keen interest of all is on making them an entrepreneur, a business man and a person who focuses on commercial aspects in whatever he gained from school, college or university. Commercialization for societal survival proves success for a person who studies for commercial purpose only. Knowledge gained thus is consumed very much with an attitude and behavior which is finance oriented. Thus innovations are all for the sake of gaining monetary benefits rather than getting popular among the masses as leaders, guides, teachers or civil society members.

Innovations are getting social only on the basis of commercial aspects. New ones get acceptance if a group starts supporting the idea for its credibility in making money. If the feel it is worth exploiting financially, the budget allocation will take it one step further to adoption. One of new drilling technology got acceptance only on the basis of its cost effective production readiness. Focus is keenly on monetary aspects which helps us in purchasing more of the products to have joy and fun with comfort and care (so portrayed).

The chemistry of innovation to get socialize in a population requires the catalyst which is observed to be the financial soundness of technology getting traction from resourceful persons of the society. Innovative tech is diffused via resources consumption in a way which leads to commercialization of new technology in a society. Somehow, the business men needs to be convinced of the innovation or you must be very much in a position to get it patented to make money. Innovation for society may be a bit different as society may require the innovation to be widely accepted for the benefit of all rather than a person.

An idea innovative and productive for society is to be considered a blessing form Allah which is to be freely shared among all for greater benefit but if it is having huge harming potential, the R and D should be discarded as US only discarded cloning to safeguard the social structure though reasons may be otherwise behind the scenes. The core ingredient of our society is said to be socialization . Commercial may be an ingredient but one needs to justify its right place in Needs Hierarchy.

Harmonization of commercialization demands can be done if socialization is given more importance over financial prosperity of a society. Socialization solves the problem of any sort by supporting and helping others when the times are of worst crisis, may it be natural calamity or fabricated ones. It induces a nectar which increases our caring potency for others. Overcoming the selfish attitudes and behaviors is mediated by such helping hands. Earning hands will be giving charity so silently and quietly that fame won’t be gained but true soul satisfaction would be ultimate outcome.

Spiritualization of innovation may magnify an aspect which is not materialistic thus no metrics for its measurement of success or failure. However, it forms a society full of love, affection, care, sympathy and galvanization. A body may then focus on others happiness and satisfaction despite being in so called issues of its own. The service then is going to be productive from any new idea to a society for it is truly in the interest of all not one group or family. Spiritualism leads to harmony by serving and sacrificing rather than keeping the knowledge about innovative formula to oneself or within a premises of an org.

Researchers of knowledge spillover have found that if knowledge is shared the outcomes are enormous for the body which initially got a breakthrough despite other following the “copycat” strategy to clone the similar one. The initiators can get the benefit of the R and D from others and come up with yet more better model of what the followers of innovation or late adopters and researchers of innovation has gained. It does support the saying of Holy Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) that best is to gain knowledge and spread it.

Commercial org highlights a typical leader which uses transactions for getting the work out of others. Thus, such aspects of leadership training are focused in schools and colleges which leads to a mind set full of ideas to make money but little know how about becoming a true leader. This may be a key to having leaders which are techno leaders having little potency to lead by character, love and passion for becoming potion of cure and harmony for societies chaotic and toxic patterns. Innovation is being used for war, although it is not real war but still it is war based on economic aspects. This leads to destruction may it be of a building, a city, a society, a value system, or else but the end result is to compete in making money, property, marks, grades etc. rather than competing in good deeds for making a healthy society. Innovate but done deviate from core values of revealed religions.

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