hosted a grand real estate focused event on November 15 and 16 at the Expo Centre, Johar Town, Lahore. Though the event was attended by almost 30,000 people, used cutting edge live streaming and live update technology to keep those who could not reach the Expo Centre updated with blow-by-blow accounts. Zameen.coms digital media team posted about each and every bit of the event using different online avenues.

The trailblazing part of the online coverage was the usage of a quad copter to capture the special moments of the event and later on share the moments with the online community.

People were also viewing the general happenings of the event from the comforts of their homes through the live stream that could be seen at the Blog. Moreover, the writers brigade of the portal was giving live updates with images to the people from time to time. For that purpose, Zameen.coms Blog and Forum were being updated regularly, so that the people tracking the event on their computers and cell phones would not miss any special moments. partnered with the Government of Pakistan to host a similar event last year as well, but this time the portal stepped ahead with various online tools and gadgets to provide live coverage of the event to people around the world.

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