STAFF REPORT ISB: To meet the challenge of food security and to maximise the produce, Genetically Modified seeds are being promoted in developing countries like Pakistan. However, the bleak side-effects of GM seeds are often neglected.

Subh-e-Nau, an environment and public health concern charity, has organised an inauguration ceremony of kitchen garden at National Press Club that charity has recently raised with planting number of different indigenous plant species. Minister of Information Senator Pervaiz Rasheed inaugurated the ceremony by planting saplings in the vicinity of Press Club.

Speaking at the ceremony CEO, Shahida Kausar Farooq explained that environmental degradation in Pakistan is not considered a formidable threat. “We are suffering from many ill planned policies and both the government and populace are oblivious to the fact how necessary it is to plant indigenous trees across the country,” she said.

She said that GM seeds are like tampering with nature. Unnatural modifications in seeds disturb natural ecosystem and seriously threaten the biological food cycle. “Because using GM seeds is a great risk that is why we are promoting organic kitchen garden,” Dr Farrukh said.

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