Not long ago, we were all introduced to the Gas Eating Monsters called “Water Heaters”. No doubt, it helped us great deal in heating the water for our daily life use, especially in the winters when one doesn’t have the strength to touch the cold water. But along with that, there was a great factor of efficiency lagging which is not what the world wants today. It burnt gas even when we didn’t need it to.

Seeing this situation, a Pakistani, Zia Imran along with his team, stood up to overcome the problem and hence used their creative minds to make a device called “Jul Bujh”. Jul Bujh snaps on the water heater’s controller and uses its built-in software to reduce the use of gas. It uses its advanced mechanism to reduce gas consumption through out the day and provide you with hot water when you need it.

The details for Zia Imran’s project can be found out on the link below. He appreciates donations as he wants to keep his project alive.

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