Pakistans biggest property portal delves deeper into the property needs of the real estate customer.

LAHORE, 21 OCTOBER, 2014: Hands down every one of us is a witness of the technology boom in Pakistan. Talking about the real estate industry, it is also moving from offline to online with portals such as Lamudi ensuring that the transition is smooth for potential customers and agents.

The digital overview of Pakistan also supports this increasing internet penetration in the country and how it is switching online. Currently there are more than 30 million internet users and 15 million smartphone users. According to, “We are Social”, a UK based agency and social media has around 12.8 million monthly users.

All of this points to the changing profiles of house-hunters in Pakistan who want to access real estate platforms on the go. They want to be able to be on the way to work and look for a house, or sit comfortable in a cafe, double-checking available properties whilst they wait for friends.

Looking at the data mined from Lamudi.pks website and social media pages, it highlights the demand of two bedroom accommodation, out of which 44% are from Lahore and 24% from Karachi. What is interesting to note here is the sheer number of such customer enquiries coming from the Facebook page.

This points to the fact that the Pakistani population who are looking to buy, rent, or sell property want to communicate with a brand through the quickest way possible – social media.

Saad Arshed, Country Director of states: “The trend towards customer enquiries from the social media pages, provide more support for our business model that more and more people are shifting online.

Moreover, with the addition of 3G and 4G internet services, stronger foreign direct investment, and a larger emphasis on the real estate market from the local government, and support from real estate portals like Lamudi, more and more Pakistanis are investing in property.”

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