Mobile shopping and m-commerce have diverged into many branches. You can now buy and sell not only through websites, but also mobile apps. The convenience of Smart phones have fashioned a new generation of smart shoppers as well. There is no debate over the fact that people have more disposable income and are financially independent as both men and women have started working more. There are thousands of products available in the market today, all of varying brands. It is actually hard to keep tab of everything in the market. Searching physical market places before a purchase is practically impossible. One can only gain useful insight of what is latest in technology, fashion and other departments, through the web. Thats where you get the real picture. Here you can compare prices, view customer feedback and recommendations and read up on specifications, to base a sound decision on. Individuals have become more conscious of what they spend their money on, and what value these products give to the end user. This is where the mobile application comes into play. Below we list a few factors where mobile applications trump over browsing websites.


Mobile websites and browsing lacks focus. You tend to easily deviate from one website to another, from one tab to another. On the other hand an app is efficient and precise. When you open an application it immediately takes you to the products or the game you intend to play.


Unlike searching the web for a specific website, mobile applications, once downloaded can never really be lost. Simply unlock your phone and swipe to reach the app of desired product or games.


For interactive gaming, like angry birds an app is always your best choice. Website dont quite function that well here.


Once downloaded, an app has complete freedom to manage the screen space with whatever they wish to show. Brands can personalize the opening and ending pages. They also have thousands of options in in making the website look and feel like the brand.

Complex calculations or reporting

Are looking to take data and manipulate it with complex calculations? An app is perfect for charts or reports as it will help you do that effectively.

Looking at all these advantages many online shopping websites are thinking of developing their own app. It will be convenient for the buyers and helpful in organizing and recording sales for the seller. is a pioneer in this regard. The app has recently been launched with much hype and promising features. You can swipe and scroll to order products even more effectively. Download the Kaymu app now from the Google Play Store and see the magic for yourself.

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