STAFF REPORT ISB: The Investment Promotion Unit (IPU) created under the joint Unido-Smeda Italia Programme held a weeklong training workshop on “Innovation and Technology Transfer for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development.”

According to a spokesman of SMEDA, the training workshop was aimed at introducing Pakistani organisations with new concept of Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) which is Unidos new vision for industrial development in the world.

Unido international trainer Vivianna Prochazka conducted the training and brought with year-long in-depth knowledge of innovation and technology transfer in developing as well as under developed countries.

As many as 35 participants from Smeda and other partner public and private organisations attended the training sessions. The participants as well as partner organisations PAAPAM and FCCI applauded the role of IPU/Smeda for bringing this international experience to their members.

It was also decided to arrange further trainings of similar nature for Pakistani industrial sector, the spokesman said. In 2013, the Italian government and Unido had formulated the joint Unido-Smeda Italia Programme to establish an Investment Promotion Unit (IPU) at Smeda head Office in Lahore.

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