Why get a personal secretary when your smartphone can organise your day, your minutes, your business trip and even your clutter on a busy day? For entrepreneurs, having a smartphone loaded with the right kind of apps is like getting investors to back your venture. Stefan Haubold, Global Managing Director and Co-founder ofCarmudi, though otherwise known as a savvy entrepreneur, manages 18 countries globally without ever having to miss an official appointment or even a play date with his children.

When asked about the absolute must-have apps for an entrepreneur, he promptly shells out a list:


An easy-to-use app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. What it does is that it not just lets you take notes, snap photos, create to-do lists, scan business cards, record voice reminders but it also makes everything searchable. As an entrepreneur you tend to attend so many meetings, seminars or conferences that keep you away from the comfort of your office that you need an app to stay organized and improve your overall productivity.


Entrepreneurs travel, which means logistics, schedules, last-minute delays, confirmations, etc. TripIt keeps it all in one place. By simply forwarding your travel confirmation emails toplans@tripit.com, you can get a detailed daily itinerary for every trip. The app is so useful that it makes sure you focus on where you are going rather than how you are getting there.


We all know that Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. And everyone probably has it on their computers but Dropboxs mobile app is an even better option for entrepreneurs. Being able to access your files anywhere you go is invaluable. You can see a document on your smartphone, laptop and tablet seamlessly. It saves time and money!

4.Scanner Pro

Scribbling brilliant ideas at the back of a napkin in a conference, paying nasty bills for a big client or simply writing a process on whiteboard. These are things that get so easily washed away from your memory/wallet the next day that you wish you had a pocket scanner to keep a record. Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone and iPad into portable scanners. So next time you have a brainwave, you know which app to tap on.

5.Company App

There is no way you can own a smartphone and not have your own company app on it. In fact, my bias dictates me to say that every entrepreneur should haveCarmudi appas well. It allows people to look for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles on the go. So anytime I meet someone interested in buying cars, I show them a small demo on my phone and let them do the rest. Its fast and super easy!

Stefan Haubold is the Co-founder/Global Managing Director ofCarmudi

Before having tasted entrepreneurship, Stefan worked as a consultant at Roland Berger and Allianz. But then he decided to take on more responsibility and be in the drivers seat. That’s when he founded ePetWorld, an e-commerce business catering to the pet food segment that grew significantly in Germany. Today, Stefan is the Co-founder/Global Managing Director ofCarmudi, one of the world’s fastest growing car classified that has scaled to 18 countries in less that a year under his leadership.

His take on entrepreneurship:Be passionate, be bold!

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