STAFF REPORT KHI: The IEEEP Fair 2014 concluded at the Expo Centre Karachi with a renewed commitment to take more initiatives reduce energy shortfall in the country.

The expo was conducted by Institutions of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP) and Badar Expo Solutions, along with Engineering sector of Pakistan.

More than 75 companies showcased their products at the exhibition. This included direct participations of companies based in China and Singapore besides other international brands, having distribution and manufacturing setups in Pakistan.

“It is our utmost desire to end the shortage of electricity in our country and with this aim in mind the IEEEP Fair has been a strong step towards showing policy makers and all concerns about the latest energy saving technologies and solutions which are practical and easily applicable,” said Engr. Mohsin M. Syed, CEO National Industrial Park, who is also the President of IEEEP, on the occasion.He referred to the solar power solutions and said that “the harnessing of renewable energy sources would soon bring out the country from perpetual energy poverty and make energy affordable for all rich and poor.”

The Chairman IEEEP – Karachi Centre, briefed that the encouraging response and success of the third IEEEP Fair has concluded winning prospect for the fourth fair and we will bring out next years IEEEP Fair on a much larger scale.

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